A.E.Westbrook was started by Andersen E. Jones a native of Memphis, TN. While being raised by a single mother, he was taught to always look presentable and to appreciate each piece of thread like it was irreplaceable. Little did his family know, that later in life he would become an accessory designer.

After high-school, Andersen left home for Bowling Green, KY to attend Western Kentucky University. While attending WKU he studied technology and design. Which led to an internship with Dillard's. While interning at Dillard's, He was able to learn a lot about catering to the customer as well building a wardrobes to develop a style. 


This gave him the opportunity to discover a niche target market in the fashion industry. His "ah-ha" moment came when trying to teach a customer how to tie a traditional bow-tie. Andersen then worked day & night to design a type of bow tie that would be easier to tie and more stable. All bow ties are 100% customized to each customer's request.

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